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About DeAnimal Saver:

DeAnna Lee is a holistic consultant specializing in boosting the immune system with all natural herbs, non-toxic foods, and vitamins so the body can heal itself from the inside. All health issues start in the gut.

Born and raised as a country girl DeAnna was around animals all of her life and her passion and love for animals grew stronger the more she engaged with them. Many photos of her childhood show her holding or petting an animal.

DeAnna Lee started training animals at the age of 5 and continued into adulthood running her own private obedience classes and then went on to doing animal education at local events and created her own comedy animal shows performing for many years at Birthday parties, Schools, Libraries, Nursing Homes, Churches, Festivals. DeAnna Lee is the founder of D. L. Entertainment, a very unique family entertainment company in Colorado.

Her favorite show included a cat, dog, flying squirrel, two bunnies, and even a capuchin monkey. DeAnna would bring out the natural talents of the animals such as a skateboard bunnny, dog, and cat, ladder climbing cat, piano playing and train driving dog, daredevil squirrel flying, picture drawing monkey.

DeAnna Lee’s Flying Squirrel won 1st prize $5,000 on America’s Funniest Home Videos. She was also chosen by Mario Lopez and Pet Star to compete on the last episode coming in at 4th place with her train driving Pekingese, MimiJo, Buggy bunny, Angel bunny, and Rocky the Flying Squirrel.

DeAnna would never have guessed that she would one day be helping people and pets live healthier lives. It all started when DeAnna Lee’s friend Stephanie, who had cancer 10 years prior, noticed a strange behavior with her Bengal cat, Kuma. Stephanie would wake up night after night to find Kuma laying on or touching her abdomen with his body. When she went for a checkup, they found Stage 4 Cervical Cancer that was already starting to mastasis.

DeAnna Lee jumped at the chance to help Stephanie research natural remedies to see if they could stop the cancer from growing and killing her. DeAnna introduced Stephanie to detoxing her whole body and after a few weeks, the doctor could find no signs of the cancer. This raised a high awareness of trying natural remedies on ill pets. DeAnna Lee will tell you, with God’s intervention, many animals have now had a 2nd chance at a healthy quality of life.

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