Caution: Mixing Herbs and Drugs together can be DANGEROUS to your PET

CAUTION!!!! BEFORE MIXING DRUGS WITH HERBS, PLEASE consult with your vet if your vet is schooled in herbs or find an herb specialist.

You can’t mix all herbs with all medicines, For example, Skull cap goes directly to the brain to help with neurological disorders. IF you mix a medication such as Prednisone, or a heart med, the Skullcap will take that to the brain as well. VERY dangerous to say all herbs mix with all meds. My rule of thumb. Always check with someone who knows the herbs very well, or you can try to search it on line and see if you can find the info. My herbalists always cautions if possible to wait til you wean your pet off prescription meds to start an herbal protocol.

When someone asks for my protocol kidney disease protocol, I need to know ahead of time what the pet is taking to insure the kitty is safe at all times. Another example is that some herbs cleanse the body, so if you use these herbs along with meds, the herbs will take the med right out of the body before it is absorbed.

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