Vitamin Questions:

Question: My pet won’t eat the vitamins I put on their food.

Answer: Start out with just ¼ of the dose for 3 days and slowly add more til you are giving the full amount.
You can also try mixing it in boiled pureed chicken or goat milk.

Question: What is the main purpose of giving vitamins?

Answer: To boost the immune system so your pet can fight of viruses and ailments before they harm their bodies. The vitamins also give extra energy to sluggish pets.

Detox Questions:

Question: My pet seems worse after starting the detox

Answer: Yes, this is very normal, which is a good thing as the body flushes out poisons. But it won’t last, so please hang in there, as the results are going to be very rewarding. Some of the detox symptoms can include low appetite, skin rash or even a tumor, vomiting, diarrhea, runny eyes, itching.  This is why some people make the huge mistake of giving up too soon and then they think holistic healing doesn’t work. If you ride out the storm, you will see calm on the other side, and a much happier pet.

Question: My pet doesn’t like the taste of the tincture drops

Answer: It is best to mix the drops with 2 – 3ccs of goat milk or bone broth.  Use a 3cc syringe and squirt in the side of the mouth. You can also reward your pet with a piece of meat everytime you syringe the drops to make it a pleasant experience.

Question: How long does it take for the detox tinctures to show my pet’s improvement?

Answer: Usually around day 6 you will see improvement unless your pet is past the point of no return, then nothing may help.

(We HIGHLY suggest taking your beloved pet off of dry food and processed canned foods and replace with a meat diet at least a few days before starting a detox)

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