Lung Cancer Canine

My 13 year old girl with lung cancer is surprisingly doing really well right now! She is happy as can be running around like she did when she was half her age! She has put back on weight and only coughs a couple times a day now! She doesn’t mope around anymore, still loves going to work with me everyday, and her hearing is even coming back!! This just didn’t happen, it took a lot of time, effort, and hard work.

The vet had prescribed her antibiotics and steroids for the rest of her life, and told me when she got worse we would have to change it to something else.
My friend Scott who saw the post contacted his friend in Colorado DEANNA LEE– Deanimal Saver. I credit DeAnna for helping me make my Callie girl as happy as possible!
I suspected dry food was causing the problem, no matter how good of food I thought I was buying. DeAnna suggested I go to canned food immediately, and I bought Organix canned food off of Amazon. Callie had been on the medication for about 3 weeks and showing no progress, only negative symptoms, such as fearfulness. Within 4 days of switching to canned food, Callie was coughing dramatically less and energetic!
After seeing that, I was a firm believer that it was the food causing her problems. I have since switched her to a more natural diet of meat and some vegetables. Let me tell you, this cannot make her more happy! She is eating like a Queen and loving it.
Deanna also got me some herbal detox tinctures that she picked out specifically for Callie’s problem and to help her immune system, natural antibiotics, take water off her lungs, fight cancer, and help the rest of her body out. After the first two days she started coughing a lot, but then it went back down to a couple times a day. Apparently the detoxes where working because she also had gunk coming out of her eyes at first, which is another way the body detoxes. DeAnna also recommended a daily vitamin from NuVet that seemed to pick up her spunk even more. Just a couple days after starting this is when I took that video (Callie was loving the fake grass at a customer’s house).
Along with the tinctures I also give her healing foods such as tumeric, coconut oil, joint DS from NuVet, colostrum powder, phytoplankton, C,  hemp instead of fish oil. Be very careful with fish oil. It depletes the natural Vitamin E. The vet gave me a 5% chance of saving her even if I did all sorts of crazy surgeries and she lived through them. He gave her six months to live, but also didn’t think she would live to see my next birthday in June, 2019.  I don’t want to get my hopes up but I truly believe she will be in the around longer than 6 months, now that I have done all of this. As of right now I completely took her off her antibiotics weeks ago, and have cut her steroids down to a quarter of what was prescribed. When we took her off Prednisone, her fearfulness vanished.
I cannot thank DeAnna enough for helping me save my fur baby! She is truly an outstanding human being with a huge heart! She spent hours on the phone with me, a perfect stranger, in a time where my head wasn’t on straight. She wanted nothing more than to save my dog also, who she has only seen in pictures. I wanted to look into holistic medicines, and if it wasn’t for DeAnna I would probably still be up all night losing sleep trying to look everything up and learn, and still not be anywhere near where I am today. I’m not even going to lie, it was stressful as heck learning about all of this and completely changing Callie’s diet, along with making life changing decisions about her health and well-being.
DeAnna was there the whole way with me on the phone or email. Thank you so much for being the wonderful person that you are! I hope you can help many others out with any problems that they have with their loved pets. I am now a firm believer in diet and holistic vitamins/detox tinctures! Even if I don’t get her cancer into remission, I know that she is as happy as can be right now!
I HIGHLY recommend everyone to order NuVet vitamins for their dogs and cats. You can order on this site. Go to products / vitamins order canine wafers or powder for dogs and feline powder for cats.
Dan Lisbony
Lake Havasu

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