Lymphoma / Treatment

Scientifically speaking, lymphoma is a blanket term used by doctors to describe a group of cancers that stem from the lymphocytes. Lymphocytes are a type of white blood cell that helps the immune system fight off infection. They are highly concentrated in organs that play a role in the immune system, like the lymph nodes, the spleen, and bone marrow. While lymphoma can affect any organ in the body, these organs tend to be where most lymphoma cancers are found.

Different types of Lymphoma


  Scientific research tells us Lymphoma is fatal, there is no cure, and most pets may only have 4 weeks to live. Conventional treatment may buy your pet more time, but many times the cancer returns.

Holistic treatment was given to 4 cats in approx 2015 and the last update was promising in that all 4 cats were still thriving with no signs of the cancer at the end of 2018.

 What we do know is that our pets share our environment, and so they are exposed to many of the same cancer-causing environmental factors as we are, including toxic substances like phenoxyacetic acid herbicides and magnetic field exposure. One household we interviewed had two cats with Lymphoma at the exact same time and the common denominators were tap water and 9-lives cat food. An investigation was done on the pet food ingredients and revealed some of these ingredients:

Roadkill / carcinogens / pesticides / grains


Vomiting blood


Swollen lymph nodes

Fatigue or lethargy




Blood in stools

Black or tarry bowel movements


One of the case studies we did on a feline with Lymphoma came back with the following:

High Calcium……….High blood sugar………many Lymphocytes……………thickening of stomach lining, small intestine, and gastric wall ………..loss of wall layering…………many large lymph nodes in abdomen………… very enlarged spleen with prominent lymph nodes………enlarged liver…….enlarged kidneys……..hyperglycemia……..severe gastritis……………. Spleenitis…………..debris in bladder

Blood count:   Low white blood count

Conventional Treatment:

  Pet Lymphoma has been treated with Chemo, radiation,or surgery. 

Holistic Recommendations from DeAnimal Saver

  1. Vitamins supplements to Boost the immune system for faster healing: Minerals, vitamins, antioxidants are essential for a strong immune system so the body can heal itself.
  2. Raw meat, organ meat, any fowl for cats and beef is best for dogs.
  3. Direct sunlight 10 minutes a day
  4. Detox organs and cleanse the blood
  5. Herbs for detoxing: Slippery Elm, Blessed Thistle, Flax seed, Burdock Root, Sheep Sorrel, Chaperral Leaf, Water Cress, Red Clover blossoms, Mullaca, Tayuya Root, Yellow Dock Root, Samambaia Leaf, Lobelia,Cat’s Claw Bark, Nettle Leaf, Olive leaf, mustard seed, black seed, pau d’arco, cloves,jajoba,
  6. Clean diet high in protein / eliminate kibble, canned pet foods, and all processed pet foods and treats.
  7. Vitamin C Liposomal
  8. Natural appetite stimulant
  9. Exercise
  10. Detox the environment:

No floor cleaning chemicals, aerosols, tick and flea repellants, tap water, perfumes, no plugins, no smoking,lawn pesticides,etc.

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