Maverick Survives Lymphoma

Maverick is my four time Champion male bengal and in June of 2015 he started throwing up blood along with losing weight and muscle mass. His liver was failing and he was diagnosed with Lymphoma, but it didn’t scare me, because I knew with a good diet and vitamins to boost his immune system, we could starve and beat this ugly cancer. I started reading the ingredients and found most pet foods on the market are very toxic. I immediately took him off of 9-Lives cat food and put him on a high protein raw meat diet, mostly raw chicken breast from Sprouts, plus I paid under $2/lb which is a third of the cost of some toxic canned foods. I started him on NuVet vitamins and added 1 tsp to his food daily, along with an herbal organ detox. A year later, Maverick is a picture of health, full of energy, he runs in the backyard and climbs trees. No signs of the Lymphoma. Thanks to holistic treatment, my Maverick will continue to live a healthy life. He attends a number of pet awareness Expos in the Denver area to encourage others to give their pets clean foods, vitamins, and a good ole detox twice a year for ultimate wellbeing and longevity.
Update 2019 Maverick continues to thrive with no signs of the cancer.

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