Our main goal here at DeAnimal Saver is Preventative Health to keep your pets as healthy as possible as long as possible, as well as Holistic  Intervention for the pets that are experiencing health problems.

We stress the importance of healing your pet’s body BEFORE they become ill.  Boosting the immune system is our first priority as this can stop all types of ailments before they have a chance to make your pet sick.

Boosting the immune system and a healthy diet will play a huge roll in your pets recovery. The immune system’s main goal is to heal the body and flush out harmful toxins that cause the problems in the first place.

If your pet is having health issues, we address the underlying causes and then
recommend the most effective natural remedies with no side effects.

Blood panel and Urinalysis testing ahead of time is beneficial in that it tells us if there are any pre-existing conditions and how advanced they are. Early detection can give your precious pet an easier and quicker recovery.

Many of our very ill pet clients have shown amazing recoveries as holistic intervention has given them many more quality years with their grateful owners. Even pets that are too ill to recover fully, have benefited from natural remedies giving them a better quality of life for the time they have left.

DeAnimal Saver aims to help as many pets as possible to live the healthiest lives ever.
Please let us help your pet and book your consultation today.