Helping Pets Recover from Major and Minor Health Issues
Holistic Prevention and Intervention Remedies for Pets
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Our Consultation Services



$30 for 30 minutes

In this session we will review your pet history form and address the most important issue your pet is having. We will go over nutritional needs as well as herbal remedies and essential vitamins that will help your pet improve his health.



$50.00 for 60 minutes

We suggest booking this session if your pet has multiple issues so we can cover as much as possible for ultimate recovery. We will discuss all of the main issues your pet is having and give you recommendations on nutrition, internal as well as environmental detox, supplements your pet will highly benefit from, plus you will be given more indepth information for improving your pet’s health as well as ample information on Preventative remedies.

You will have questions after your consultation, so we are offering our Custom email package of 5 emails for $25.00 Ask as many questions as you need to per email.



Follow-up Calls:

We highly suggest doing a follow-up session 30 days after treatment, because this is of most importance to keep your pet healthy once they are back to normal. We will discuss your pet’s progress and at this time make additional recommendations or changes depending upon how well your pet is doing. Holistic intervention works at a slower pace verses conventional, and worth the benefits of no side effects.


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