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Holistic Prevention and Intervention Remedies for Pets
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Safe Ingredients for Pets:

All the vitamins: A,B,C,E,D

Alfalfa:  Has vitamin D, E, K, Beta-carotene, tons of minerals, 

Alpha Amylase: digestion / absorption / antioxidant

Amino Acids:  muscles / bones / cells / brain / skin / nerves / tumors

Beta-Carotene: pigment in red, yellow, orange vegetables Rids free radicals
skeleton / reproduction / eyes / cancer

Bluegreen Algae:  Rich in chlorophyll for immune system, healling wounds, purifys blood

Brewers Yeast: (B-complex)  helps combat fleas

Calcium Iodate:  Source of Iodine

Chicken liver:  Red blood cells / retains omega fatty acids,vitamin A, C, B / energy / liver
full of minerals / liver disorders / stress

Cat’s Claw:      Immune system / antioxidant / cleanses intestinal tract / white blood cells
antioxidant / anti-inflammatory / viral infections / allergies / arthrisits / cancer
aids / respiratory

Copper:    Red blood cells / works with vitamin C / bones / healing / nerves / joints


Evening Primrose:

Folic Acid: B Vitamin complex


Magnesium Stearate:  magnesium stearate is a highly purified substance, and goes through an intensive refining process before appearing in your supplements.



Microcyrstalline Cellulose:  Organic material dervived from wood pulp / Chemicals and impurities are removed through water-washing and run through hot air jets.



Selenium: Cancer / Muscular Dystrophy

Shark Cartilage: 

Silicon Dioxide: Silicon dioxide (SiO2), also known as silica, is a natural compound made of two of the earth’s most abundant materials: silicon (Si) and oxygen (O2).
The Earth’s crust is 59 percent silica, and it makes up more than 95 percent of known rocks on the planet.


Whey protein: